IKEA Glasgow Delivery

On 14/04/08 I bought kitchen units and appliances from Ikea's Glasgow store. I paid for and took home the units and appliances. I also ordered custom worktops, which need to be made and delivered to my home. I paid for these in full (£682) at the time of ordering, as required by IKEA. My order gives a date of 8/5/08 by when the worktops will be made, and says that Ikea will contact me within 48 hours of that date to arrange a delivery date. Contradicting itself, it also says that I will be contacted up to 7 days prior to this to arrange delivery.
No-one from Ikea phoned or wrote to me.

Call 1 I called them on 13/5/08 to see what was going on, and was told that they would call back within 48 hours. They didn't.

Call 2 I called again and was told to call the delivery company on 01733 29 33 00. I called them, and they had no record of my order, saying that IKEA needed to send them an MHS number. I have no idea what that is. Someone at the delivery company called Dawn called me a couple of days later to say that she was emailing the Glasgow store and they would be in touch within 48 hours. No-one from Glasgow contacted me.

Call 3 I called again 27/5/08, and again was told they would call back. They didn't.

Call 4 I called them on 28/5/08 and was told that I was now a priority, and they would call back within 12 hours. They didn't call.

Call 5 I called on 2/6/08 and was told that they would "definately" call me back later that day to arrange a delivery date. No-one called.

Call 6 I called on 3/6/08 at 10am, and was told that they would call back within 4 hours to arrange a delivery date. No-one called.

Call 7 I called again at 4pm, and was told that I would have to wait for a call back - before 8pm, they now say. The person I spoke to refused to let me speak to a duty manager or the store manager

At 4:30 someone called me from IKEA Customer Services. Amazing! She called in response to my case being highlighted, but only to tell me that there's nothing she can do. She can't give me a delivery date, she can't let me speak to anyone who can. She'll get someone to call me back within 48 hours. Where have I heard that before ?