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June 2008 Multi LNB setup

1m dish with 4 LNBs

Initially I had a 1m dish with a single LNB set up to receive the FTA services from Abird3 at 5 degrees West - the free digital French services, which gives you Arte, France2, France3, France5, LCP, TV8 Mont Blanc and TMC. I don't have an analogue box (yet), so can't get TF1 :-(

After a bit of thought, and taking advice from folks on the digital spy forums, I thought I'd try to set the dish up with more than one LNB, to get signals from other satellites - specifically the new(ish) freesat stuff at 28.2E. Quite a big spread, but then, it is a big dish....

Initiallly, I realigned the dish to focus on Hotbird (13E) as suggested, and then tried to find 5W. No luck at all. The furthest round that side I could get to was Sirius at 4.8E. Quite a while playing around with skews and tilting up and down the fixings of the multi LNB bracket, and I just couldn't get round far enough to get to 5W. So, I gave up on that, and moved the dish to focus on on Sirius at 4.8E, reasoning that if I could get from 13E to 4.8E, I should be able to get from 4.8E to 5W with the same bracketry. This worked a treat! Nice strong signal from 5W coming in. I then tried to see how far the other side I could to (not interested in anything on Sirius) and happily found hotbird at 13E, then the Astras at 19.2E, and finally just a few minutes ago, 28.2E, right out at the end of my multi bracket. So, no idea why I seem to be able to get more off centre on the dish to one side than the other, but it all seems to be working - 5W, 13E, 19.2E and 28.2E from the one dish. A few photos - click the little ones to see the full thing:

(The LNB with the black cable is 28.2E, the others are in order 19.2E, 13E, 5W).

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